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Intelpedia has launched.
We had no choice but to restore this wiki back under a new one due to the fact the old one was being taken over by someone else!
The lockdown has been started, due to one of the RTSN members got suspended.

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Welcome to Intelpore, a country where objects, Pokemon, and other fictional characters are alive and you can do anything! We are a country modeled after Singapore, but with a fantasy twist. Many species from television shows, cartoons, and video games inhabit the country and all of Tellusia, the planet Intelpore is on. Intelpore is in Tellusia's version of Asia, Askio. Instead of us humans (with the exception of 3 countries), on Tellusia, there's anthropomorphic objects, Pokemon and Digimon, etc. instead! Our national television channels are the following: Channel 1 (English), Channel 2 (Chinese), A (Mandarin Chinese), CNA (English), N (Japanese), Bulan (Malay), Odos (English), Ilaiyutir (Tamil). Those are owned by Mediaworld, but there are competitors like TV3, Four, Intelpore 11, Intelpore 12, and Intelsat. Come on! Let's explore the wiki. Majulah Intelpura!

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